In the Desert, the Mountains, the Cold

“I was 10, almost 11 years old. . . . I remember I had to walk for about a week and a half, or two. In the desert, the mountains, the cold—with only water.”

The First Time I Met My Dad

“For the first time I met my dad, it was very awkward for me. I didn’t grow up with him. I didn’t feel connected. When I saw him, you know, we just hugged.”

They Deported Him

“I have a lot of questions of why they had to deport my dad. If the only thing he did was to defend himself. Because what he was arguing, that I know of, was, because of a week of work that his boss didn’t want to pay him.”

I Needed Him

“At that moment I wanted to cry. I knew that that would be a great change for me. Because not having a dad is a big difference. Since that moment, I was 11, 12 years old, I had to take [on] a really big responsibility.”

Luis Decides to Become a Member