With growing concerns over the significant achievement gap for students of color across the K–12 spectrum, we must ask ourselves how our education systems can successfully recruit, prepare, and retain teachers of color. Join Alice Ginsberg, Marybeth Gasman, and Andrés Castro Samayoa as they discuss their new book For the Love of Teaching: How Minority Serving Institutions Are Diversifying and Transforming the Profession. This webinar dives deep into why teachers choose teaching, the expectations they hold for students they teach, and how Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs)―nearly 800 colleges and universities across the nation – model new and innovative approaches.

Moderated by Laura Alamillo, Dean, School of Education at Sonoma State University


Alice Ginsberg, Senior Research Specialist, Rutgers Center for Minority Serving Institutions

Marybeth Gasman, Samuel DeWitt Proctor Endowed Chair, Rutgers University

Andrés Castro Samayoa, Assistant Professor, Boston College