Differentiated Mentoring and Coaching in Education

Vicki S. Collet

Publication Date: July 22, 2022

Pages: 176

Books abound to guide mentoring and coaching for preservice and inservice teachers’ professional learning. However, none fully account for the differences among teachers in experience and expertise and how these factors change over time. This book addresses this need by presenting a dynamic model for teacher/coach interactions, the Gradual Increase of Responsibility (GIR) model for mentoring and coaching. Like students, teachers benefit when support is personalized. The GIR model includes five coaching moves that are selectively used to match support to need. This book guides mentors and coaches in refining their approaches, helping them provide differentiated support to teachers from a range of grade levels, academic areas, contexts, and levels of experience. As strains on teachers escalate, mentoring and coaching using the GIR model is an effective, energizing approach to prepare, sustain, and retain teachers and increase their instructional effectiveness.

In this video, Vicki Collet celebrates release of the book and talks about the 5 coaching moves that make up the GIR model for mentoring and coaching.