Title: Creating a Home in Schools
Author(s): Francisco RiosA Longoria
Publisher: Teachers College Press, New York
ISBN: 9780807765265 Pages: 224 Year: 2021

Woodring professors Francisco Rios, Ph.D, and A Longoria, Ph.D., discuss the launch of their new book, Creating a Home in Schools: Sustaining Identities for Black, Indigenous, and Teachers of Color. The webinar is moderated by Kevin Roxas, Ph.D, Chair of the Secondary Education Department. Drs. Rios and Longoria are joined by Woodring Master in Teaching alumni and current teachers Giselle Alcántar Soto, Karanbir Deol, Angelia Thornton, and Eldred Vidal Vázquez, and current student Nathaniel Okamoto who served as discussants.