Title: Racial Microaggressions
Author(s): Daniel G. SolórzanoLindsay Pérez Huber
Publisher: Teachers College Press, New York
ISBN: 9780807764381 Pages: 176 Year: 2020

Defining racial microaggressions as “as one form of systemic, everyday racism used to keep those at the racial margins in their place,” Solórzano (Univ. of California, Los Angeles) and Pérez Huber (Univ. of California, Long Beach) apply their definition to a critical race theory framework to create an excellent overview of the long-term, negative psychological and physiological effects of everyday racism that people of color experience. The authors further look at the types and contexts of racial microaggressions; macroaggressions; self-affirming responses to microaggressions; the roots of internalized racism; the ties between institutional racism, white supremacy, and racial microaggressions; and promising areas for future research. Racial Microaggressions in Education is a timely, well-researched book that draws on the works of other scholars in the field (notably Chester Pierce, who first coined the term microaggression) and provides vivid, real-life examples of racial microaggressions throughout the text. Readers, regardless of their background, will better understand racial microaggressions and be able to pinpoint them after reading this book, enabling them to disrupt the normalized existence of racism in everyday life.

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