Title: Teaching Critically About Lewis and Clark 
Author(s): Alison SchmitkeLeilani SabzalianJeff Edmundson
Publisher: Teachers College Press, New York
ISBN: 9780807763704 Pages: 216 Year: 2020

The lessons reflect a larger anticolonial framework that emphasizes the historic and contemporary role of place, the presence and perspectives of Indigenous peoples, identity and “political nationhood,” as well as the potential of partnerships between schools and Indigenous peoples to enrich historical understanding. The lessons pay specific attention to the goal of promoting historical thinking, and a great deal of the resources for secondary students are applicable to college survey courses. The authors’ efforts to empower students, as both scholars and citizens, to learn and then reconceptualize dominant narratives of exploration and discovery will undoubtedly make the book an invaluable and controversial contribution to contemporary battles over history education.

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