Title: Becoming a Metacognitive Teacher
Author(s): Roya Q. ScalesThomas DeVere WolseySeth A. Parsons
Publisher: Teachers College Press, New York
ISBN: 9780807764060 Pages: 160 Year: 2020

With this book, Scales, DeVere Wolsey, and Parsons have provided a guide, explicitly written to novice teachers, on how to develop a metacognitive stance during teacher preparation. They demystify the process of learning to teach, specifically how the various elements of a teacher preparation program work in concert to prepare candidates for the complex work of teaching. Using stories from teacher candidates and their own experience as teacher educators, they empower preservice teachers to use metacognition to become agents for shaping their experiences in a teacher preparation program. The book aims to help novice teachers develop a professional disposition throughout the journey from aspiring teacher to early career professional.

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