Title: Indian Education for All
Author(s): John P. Hopkins
Publisher: Teachers College Press, New York
ISBN: 9780807764589 Pages: 216 Year: 2020

As educators and other educational stakeholders seek to “go back to normal” after the global pandemic and during a time when settler colonial society has had to reckon with the repercussions of its past, John P. Hopkins offers an alternative of what could be the “new normal.” In his book, Indian Education for All: Decolonizing Indigenous Education in Public Schools (2020), Hopkins argues that the consistent failure of the public school system to appropriately serve the needs of Native communities stems from focusing on including Native voices rather than decolonizing educational systems. The four goals of the book are to 1) highlight Montana’s Indian Education for All Act (IEFA) and its impact, 2) introduce readers to settler colonialism and its continued colonization of Native students, 3) connect the concept of decolonization to education reform, and 4) make educational recommendations for reconciliation.

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