Reexamining the Federal Role in Higher Education

Rebecca S. Natow

Publication Date: January 28, 2022

Pages: 256

Q: Rebecca, thanks so much for joining me at the “Higher Ed Policy” blog at Inside Higher Ed. As you know, most of our readers work at colleges and universities, and many are in senior leadership positions at our institutions. That said, what do you want our presidents and chancellors to be thinking about as we launch into 2023?

A: I think it’s important for senior leaders in higher education institutions to be aware of the public policy context and how it influences higher education and the resources available to institutions and students. There are a lot of interesting policy contexts as we head further into 2023. One important policy consideration is how divided government at the federal level will affect higher education. The 117th Congress was able to pass the American Rescue Plan, which provided $40 billion for higher education as part of pandemic relief funding. Also, the 2022 year-end omnibus spending bill contained an increase in the Pell Grant award as well as funding for historically Black colleges and universities, minority-serving institutions, and federal programs designed to promote student success, such as TRIO programs.

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