In this new column, meet the Teachers College Press staff, who bring books to life. Today, we chat with Sage, our marketing assistant and M.A. student in the Philosophy and Education program at Teachers College.

What’s your favorite thing about TC Press?

I love working with people who are passionately promoting new ideas in education. It is exciting to learn about the teachers, writers, and thinkers who are doing amazing things in the field.

What are you currently reading?

As a graduate student, it seems like I spend at least 90% of my time reading! Some great books I’m reading for classes are Plato’s Symposium, Bad Feminist by Roxanne Gay, Emile by Jean-Jacques Rousseau, and The Abolition of Man by C.S. Lewis. When I have time to read for fun, I love historical fiction and memoirs.

Where did you last travel to? And where would you like to go?

I spent this past summer in Nepal, completing research for my master’s thesis! It was an amazing trip, and has definitely given me the travel bug – Norway is next on my wish list.

Bhaktapur Durbar Square in Kathmandu, Nepal

Bhaktapur Durbar Square in Kathmandu, Nepal


What’s your favorite bookstore?

My favorite bookstore by far is Book Culture on 112th St.  I’m always in danger of walking out of there with a dozen new books and no paycheck.

Team Cat or Dog?

Team Dog! And I can confidently say that my dog, Barry, is the sweetest dog on the planet. He is a true mountain dog, and we love to go hiking all over Wyoming (my home state) during the summers.


Barry hiking in the Snowy Range Mountains near Laramie, Wyoming

Barry hiking in the Snowy Range Mountains