Title: A Search for Common Ground
Author(s): Frederick M. HessPedro A. Noguera
Publisher: Teachers College Press, New York
ISBN: 9780807765166 Pages: 192 Year: 2021

In a year marked by COVID-19, school closures, a polarizing presidential campaign, and questions of racial justice, Rick Hess and Pedro Noguera engaged in a long-running correspondence that tackled many of the biggest questions in education — including topics like school choice, equity and diversity, testing, privatization, the achievement gap, social and emotional learning, and civics. Rick and Pedro sought to unpack their disagreements, better understand one another’s perspectives, and seek places of agreement or points of common understanding. In their forthcoming book, A Search for Common Ground: Conversations About the Toughest Questions in K-12 Education (Teachers College Press, 2021), they share that correspondence. Here, they reflect on the exercise, what they learned from it, and what lessons it might offer to educators, education leaders, researchers, and policy makers.

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