reviewed by Omar J. Almamoori and Kun Huang – July 6, 2020

Title: Improving Online Teacher Education
Author(s): Rachel Karchmer-Klein
Publisher: Teachers College Press, New York
ISBN:9780807763681, Pages: 144, Year: 2020

Today’s educators are faced with the challenge of teaching successfully in online learning environments, and the challenge is often confounded by the plethora of new technologies that seem to emerge every day. Yet, whether they are new to online teaching or seeking to improve online teaching practices, educators often encounter a shortage of resources that offer systematic, practice-oriented, yet evidence-based help. Klein’s Improving Online Teacher Prep provides such help, especially at this time when education at all levels is transitioning online in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Geared towards teacher educators, the book has three characteristics that make it stand out among other resources. First, being aware of the fact that some educators are told to go online, Klein starts from teachers’ familiar territory in their teaching practices, processes, and functions, rather than tools, to put readers at ease. Second, the book tackles interactive and collaborative online learning, which online educators often find particularly daunting compared with other instructional events. Third, the book introduces just enough information to offer readers a theoretical perspective to keep them informed while not being overwhelmed.

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