Publication Date: June 8, 2018

At a time in American history when democratic norms and values are under attack, TC Press is excited to announce the completely updated edition of the groundbreaking two-volume text, Reasoning with Democratic Values 2.0: Ethical Issues in American History by David E. Harris, Anne-Lise Halverson, and Paul F. Dain.

Each generation of American citizens faces decisions involving democratic values. Sometimes citizens find themselves confronting persistent issues, such as who should be allowed to immigrate to the United States and, at other times, new issues such as privacy and the collection of personal data. The biggest question is: How is the next generation learning to think about such polarizing issues in school and how do citizens learn to listen to each other and communicate across opposing viewpoints?

These student texts are designed to tackle historical and present-day ethical issues with secondary school and undergraduate students of U.S. history. With more than 75% new content, they feature an engaging approach to teaching history that is guaranteed to stimulate lively classroom discussions.


Jonathan Zimmerman, one of the foremost education historians working today, writes: “These volumes will help students become citizens who can converse across their differences.

Diana Hess, dean of the University of Wisconsin Madison, writes: “This is a powerful approach to learning history. The lively writing of exciting and true stories provides ample background to engage students.

Amy B. Bloom, J.D., social studies education consultant for Oakland Schools, writes: “These volumes will help build a deeper understanding of significant historical concepts and present wonderful opportunities to engage in critical thinking.


David E. Harris is a retired professor of teacher education at the University of Michigan, Anne-Lise Halvorsen is associate professor in the department of teacher education at Michigan State University and Paul F. Dain is a retired government teacher and social studies department chair at Andover High School in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. The authors are offering to conduct professional development workshops, at no fee, for teachers and administrators. They are also donating their royalties from sales of the books to teacher education.

To get in touch with the authors or to request a review copy, contact Jamie Rasmussen at 212.678.3963 or email JLR2200@columbia.tc.edu