Title: Indian Education for All
Author(s): John P. Hopkins
Publisher: Teachers College Press, New York
ISBN: 9780807764589 Pages: 216 Year: 2020

“Hopkins (Saint Martin’s Univ.) provides the next steps forward for improving indigenous education in public schools. He engages several important questions, such as whether Native Americans and public-school educators can have authentic conversations, whether current reforms can reconcile tensions, and which reform strategies should be implemented. Hopkins first examines the historical and contemporary circumstances of Native American schooling in both broad and specific ways, providing a segue into a detailed look at Montana’s 50-year effort to establish today’s Indian Education for All policy. As Hopkins accurately points out, however, mere inclusion of Native-themed coursework is not enough to effect systemic change. Drawing on indigenous studies concepts such as survivance, he argues that a process of decolonization within the school systems must occur. Hopkins indicates that tribal critical race theory (TribalCrit) should be used to deconstruct how settler colonialism continues to pervade education for and about Native peoples.”

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