Title: The Comprehensive Guide to Working With Student Teachers
Author(s): Elizabeth SoslauMonique Alexander
Publisher: Teachers College Press, New York
ISBN: 9780807764947 Pages: 208 Year: 2021

You are in luck, today I have with me Elizabeth Soslau who cowrote with Monique Alexander a book titled , The Comprehensive Guide to Working With Student Teachers: Tools and Templates to Support Reflective Professional Growth . It is so more than a book, it is a guide complete with templates, tools, and protocols! You are going to learn a lot from this interview that is impactful and empowering for student teachers, co-ops, and college supervisors. After Elizabeth shares her teaching story with us, we dive into the world of working with student teachers. We agree that working with student teachers is a great experience because of the passion and drive they have to impact students.

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