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Military Family Guides


Important new guides to
support students of military families

Teachers College Press is proud to publish this collection of books to help pre- and inservice educators understand and better serve children from military families. Written in an engaging style by experts in the field, each guide provides evidence-based tools to create practices and school environments that address the special needs of this student population. Click below for the guide that is just right for you:

Military Family Guides  Guide for school administrators
Military Family Guides  Guide for teachers
Military Family Guides  Guide for school counselors, psychologists, and social workers
Military Family Guides  Guide for parents
Military Family Guides  Buy the four-book set and save

Prepublication Reviews:

“These books offer the most up-to-date, research-based suggestions on how to improve the educational outcomes for children with parents in the military.”
William G. Tierney, University of Southern California

“Ron Astor and his colleagues have once more identified an urgent issue facing our country: the military family. School personnel will need to expand their knowledge in order to better serve this important population.”
Paula Allen-Meares, Chancellor and John Corbally Presidential Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago

“Military-connected students often pay a high price in their schooling experiences due to the realities of military life. Thus, these guides are invaluable tools for parents, schools, and educator-preparation programs that want to provide rich academic, social, and emotional support to this vulnerable population of children. Preparation programs should consider these guides as key components of their curriculum to prepare incoming teachers, counselors, principals, and others to work effectively with military-connected students.”
American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education

“I am grateful to the USC Building Capacity team headed by Ron Avi Astor for developing these exceptional resources and attuning them specifically to the needs of military-connected parents and caregivers. The content and accompanying strategies provide practical, experience-based insights that are well-supported by good science. Parents and other family members will find this reliable source useful and sensitive.”
Mary M.Keller, Ed.D., President and CEO, Military Child Education Coalition

“As an adult who spent most of my youth in military-connected schools in Virginia, I know too well what happens when adults in schools did not understand the unique experiences of being from a military family. Thus, as a scholar, educator, and military child, I am thrilled to be able to endorse these guides because they will educate adults about ways to be helpful through evidence-based prevention and intervention.”
Dorothy L. Espelage, Ph.D., Professor & University Scholar, Department of Educational Psychology, Child Development Division, University of Illinois

“The information in these books will provide parents and community leaders the tools they need to level the playing field for military students. The Navy Region Southwest School Liaison Officer Program thanks the University of Southern California for its partnership in improving the quality of life for military families.”
Navy Region Southwest School Liaison Officer Program

“These evidence-based guides are essential reading for teachers, administrators, and support staff working with children from military-connected families. Military parents wanting to navigate the public school system will benefit from the practical suggestions. These guides provide a comprehensive overview of the issues faced by these youth and a wealth of information about how we can most effectively meet their needs.”
Amanda Datnow, Professor and Chair, Department of Education Studies, University of California San Diego


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All royalties from the sale of these books are being donated to military children’s educational causes.



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